Wisdom Teeth.

“Wisdom teeth” are historically named as this due to their eruption coinciding with the supposed gaining of wisdom. The gaining of wisdom part is still largely debatable…

The eruption of wisdom teeth is hugely variable in their timing. They may erupt anywhere between about 16 and 30 years of age. If you haven’t had troubles with your wisdom teeth by then, you are most likely to escape trouble for life!

Approximately 30% of people nowadays do not ever develop “wisdom teeth”. The explanation for this is evolutionary. As a species we have progressed past the stage of hunting and foraging and therefore the necessity for three sets of posterior grinding teeth has passed. Along with this societal change, the human jaw size is continually decreasing over time and often there is simply no longer room for three adult molars. If you are one of the 30% that never develops wisdom teeth you might consider yourself more highly evolved!


Problems with wisdom teeth are commonplace and we are happy to discuss, diagnose and treatment plan accordingly with you. Remember, just because you have wisdom teeth, does not mean that they need to be taken out!