Preventative Treatment.

Our aim is to keep your teeth and gums in the best possible condition throughout your life. This is a joint responsibility between you and your dental team. We will happily provide you with the information that you need to maintain lifelong dental health. The best way of ensuring this is to practice good home oral care habits along with annual dental check-ups.

Good home oral care includes:


1. Brushing twice a day

It is important to get kids into this habit and to encourage it from an early age. Mechanical disruption of the soft plaques that form on your teeth after eating is the best way to avoid the formation and progression of decay. 


2. Use fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is the active ingredient in most commercially sold toothpastes. Fluoride is an element that has been proven to be beneficial in the formation and mineralisation of teeth. The usual amount of fluoride in an adult toothpaste in Australia is between 900ppm and 1,100ppm. The amount in children’s toothpaste is usually between 450ppm and 600ppm. These amounts are extremely safe, however, if ingested in large amounts (several tubes) you should seek medical attention.


3. Flossing daily

Like brushing, flossing is a way of mechanically disrupting the plaques that form in places that your toothbrush might miss, for example areas in between the teeth!


4. Drink plenty of water

Yum yum yum yum!


5. Heathy eating habits

Healthy eating habits – a high sugar diet is a recipe for disaster! See how sugar is your tooth’s worst enemy here.


In special instances we may recommend other home treatments as an alternative or as an adjunct to achieve excellent oral health. Please feel free to ask us about any products you may be interested in.

Our in-clinic preventative treatments may include: scaling (cleaning) your teeth, fluoride prophylaxis trays, fluoride varnishes and/or regular diagnostic radiographs. Please ask us if you have any concerns or questions about whether you may require any of these treatments.