Adults - general dental health.

Good oral health is a partnership between you and your dental team. The foundation of this is a healthy diet and regular home oral hygiene complimented by an annual dental check-up. 

At a check-up you can expect:



A discussion – A crucial part of our service is to offer advice regarding any issues or questions you may have about your current dental condition or what you would like to change. Please feel free to raise any issues at all, we have heard it all before!

An examination of your extra-oral tissues – as the health professional that most regularly closely examines your face and oral tissues we will screen for any abnormalities. 

A thorough examination of both soft and hard tissues – the nuts and bolts of any dental check-up!

An examination of your periodontal condition

Education – relevant to your individual oral health requirements. This is especially relevant to kids. We are always looking to promote healthy dental attitudes and a lifelong relationship between you and your dentist!



Radiographs – Radiographs are a necessary part of a dental check-up. We will take radiographs as part of an examination dependent on your individually assessed caries risk. We do not take radiographs routinely at every annual check-up. We will always tell you if and why we are recommending taking radiographs. Believe it or not they are a very useful diagnostic tool and always done for your benefit!

Special diagnostic tests – if indicated we will investigate any possible issues

Fluoride trays – depending on whether they will be beneficial for you individually

Treatment – if urgent and indicated we will cater for this

Referral – If a specialist opinion or treatment is required

Anything else that is on your mind. If we can help you, we will.